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they are. >> caroline shively live for us in washington. thanks so much. well, if you have some extra money or would like some extra money for your hometown maybe 200 million dollars there's a deal out there for you this morning. the government wants to give you 200 million dollars, but there's a slight caveat. they're not just going to hand it over. there's a small caveat. >> you're going to need that for security. the city that is eventually going to host the 9/11 trials, the government, the feds have cleared 200 million dollars as part of the budget next year to the city that hosts the 9/11 trial. clearly that's not going to be new york city and an announcement is expected on monday when he proposes the budget. looks like a couple of cities are emerging here as possible sights. newburgh, new york, 60 miles from new york city. alexandra, virginia, washington d.c. which of course has the same problem as new york city does in terms of cost and sturt measures, but looks like a couple of cities may be lining up for the cash. >> i don't think any place has the problems that new york does. >>,
to attack the united states. joining us from washington is caroline shively this morning, good morning to you, caroline. serious times, serious stories. >> very much so, dave. in this new statement the head of the national count terrorism center says the attempt to take down flight 253 is a starkest reminder of the terrorism we face. while this attempt ended in failure we know with absolute certainty that al-qaeda and those who support its ideology continue to refine their methods to test our defenses and pursue an attack on the homeland and they awe that umar mutallab smuggled it on the flight. assembled it in the bathroom and the plan failed of course, it wasn't because of u.s. intelligence, it was amateurish intervention and passengers intervening. that's the focus. they're saying flat out that terrorists are working to try again and his office didn't see it coming and neither did the other agencies. they were formed in 2004 to coordinate between the cia, fbi and pentagon. on tuesday, president obama will bring the chiefs of those agencies together in the white house situation room
. vice-president joe biden is on his way back to washington at this hour after a short trip to iraq. while there he met with iraqi leaders to discuss the upcoming elections and this also came as the u.s. marines ended their role to iraq and transferred their duties over to the u.s. army at a ceremony in the allen bar province. the u.s. coast guard is working to contain an oil spill after two ships slammed into each other near port arthur, texas. as much as 450,000 gallons of tanker when they towing vessel hit one another and crews are trying to figure out how to separate the vessels without cause ago explosion. right now no word what caused this crash. >> president obama is putting off one of his daughters: commander-in-chief informed a court in chicago he won't be showing up for jury duty tomorrow. >> oh, lazy. >> that's incredible. no modern president ever had to serve on a jury although many have been called up. >> can you imagine? what's his excuse, can you imagine. >> yeah, i don't know, i guess he's going to push it back. >> i had to sit on jury duty. >> of course. >> i had to
? >> it sounded like it. >> his lake wage lingo was strange having been in washington d.c. so long. i don't understand. this is what makes people think they're out of touch. >> do you mind if i tell you what i thought. the first thing that occurred to me, he's senator majority leader, it reminded me of senator trent lott. he had to step down, give up his leadership position i thought it's going to cost him his leadership position and reports this morning suggesting that might not be the case, this one bombshell in this boom and it's funny one of the books comes along in washington every few years that everyone is talking about. right now, it's number six on and it's not out until tuesday. >> a quick comment on what you said trent lott, that whole controversy, hearry reid comments about trent lott when it happened. request you tell ethnic jokes in the back room it's in that much easier saying ethnic things publicly. i always practice what i play. that's what harry reid said then, does he practice how he plays? >> i should mention in context, trent lott made comments in support o
friends in washington for a surprise party dinner at the restaurant nora, i love that one, a-- i'm sorry my favorite part because they go to the best restaurants, these two. >> and love going. >> i can't go because i'm not the first lady. some of the guests included the first lady's mother, attorney general eric holder and special advisor. and those are the headlines. let's go to rick for weather. >> we've got winter storm advisories across the northeast. pink is warnings and blue is watches, and winter weather advisories and seeing some mixing, freezing rainy kind of thing, this has not made its way to the northeast yet, but it's on the way and the majority of this moisture a little farther to the south, towards the mid atlantic and stretching back across the ohio river valley and that will pull in the colder air eventually and that's where we'll see the snow falling and some freezing rain over the next 24 hours. out across the west, this is what we're talking about this week and you might not-- i keep saying this and you might not be aware of it. major problems across california and da
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5